Robotic, electronic and mechanic devices

Based on our knowledge of 10 years develloping
mechanic and computer-controled devices, we are
able to find solutions and realize projects in a wide field of artistic and technical approaches.

speakerBot, autonomous, mobile sound robot platform with blue tooth
drillBot, climbing and drilling 
autonomous robot

Walking Head Robot, 6 legged autonomous walking machine
autonomous robot platform with 
integrated plotter

autonomous robot platform with 
3 motor controls
paintbot.gif (27129 bytes)
small autonomous Robotplatforms 
for inside
  line-spiders2.gif (36946 bytes)
motionprosthesis2 for an opera

Movatar, torso motionprosthesis

  motion.gif (37404 bytes)
durable autonomous robot platforms for outside
  cambot.gif (34933 bytes)
bulp display, 512 controlers and 32 
greyscales,  video, txt and graphics
Rotobossophon, controllable dirctional turning speakerrotophon_berlin_40.gif (40463 bytes) Exoskeleton, pneumatic six-legged 
walking machine
exo.gif (33219 bytes)
atonomous mobile library with copy machine and solar panel