Stage Control
Soft- and Hardware

with switches, sensors and
video, one can control via
a simple graphic user
interface motors, video and light.



MIDI Dimmerpack
Soft- and Hardware

Controllboards with 32 outputs
at 60V, simple graphic user
interface available


Controler Box


measure and control onboard robotic units with several sensor-inputs and two H-bridges for motor control. Programmable in Assembler, also available with software

Video to MIDI
Video Greyscale analysis

512 spot analyses of video input, each spot one can edit with an simple graphic user interface, MIDI-output.

Video Matrix
Soft- and Hardware

8 x 8 Videoswitch with simple graphic user interface, MIDI in.

Individual Solutions
Soft- and Hardware

We are able to offer individual   solutions for different approaches in art and technoloy, from simple to complex.