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A park, a caravan, a car and a shelf, an average german
A Soap-Opera between machines, computer, Videos
and sounds.

generationGOLF, the computer-controled car
Park , mobile Landscape architecture
sweet home, livestyle
Midi-Shelf, automated household- and hobby-tools
acting as an orchestra

A scenery in 4 Pictures as an approach towards the relation
man-machine. A mutation out of digital controled, pneumatic
-mechanic and social machinery. The trivial Plot, as well
as the combination of not spectclurar objects bases on the search for interfaces between man and media.
Prehistoric robots at the end of the millenium,
afflicted with children's desease read the retread into
the reservations of high culture.
It is the adjustment to the new nature of the upcomming
virtual world...or, what one thinks it would be.

Videos by Berlin Toyson Films
Music and sound by Stora/ Hamburg

Conzept/Direction: Tom Diekmann, Stefan Doepner
Programming: Lars Vaupel
Sound: Stora Video/Film: Toyson Films Berlin
Team: Tom Diekmann, Stefan Doepner, Thomas Jebens, Florian Mühlfried, Fredrik Nedelmann, Gavin Schalkalwis, Lars Vaupel, Joy Wagner, Ole Wulfers

Produced by Kampnagel Hamburg in cooperation with
f18institut and Diekmann Enterprises.
With the friendly support of
Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg